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Cleveland ~ Attendance
Enrico Abadesco

Abadesco, Enrico

Special Education Teacher

Mabuhay! Welcome! My name is Enrico Abadesco (he/him). This will be my second year at Cleveland High School. Last year, I was a Special Education Instructional Assistant, and this year I am excited to continue supporting the Cleveland community as a Special Education Teacher. I will be teaching within 10th Grade Advisory and co-teaching 10th Grade Humanities with Tymmony Keegan.

Prior to joining Cleveland, I served as a youth worker for 7 years supporting K-12 youth programs in Auburn, Burien, White Center and south Seattle. Currently, I continue to organize in the Filipino community with Kabataan Alliance, a national alliance of Filipino youth and student organizations dedicated to serving our communities here and back home in the Philippines. I know we are moving into a year full of change. As an educator, I hope to continue learning and to uplift the voices and visions of our young leaders. I believe in their collective power, and that a new, beautiful and bright world is being created right now.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions via email:

Claire Abe

Abe, Claire

Counselor Last Names Hi-Ng

Albertson, Timothy

Career and Technical Education Teacher
Fualaau Areta

Areta, Fualaau

Instructional Assistant
Deborah Baker

Baker, Deborah

Humanities Teacher
Cleveland ~ Attendance

Blaszak, Kenneth

Tech Support Specialist
Shirley Borgelt

Borgelt, Shirley

Fine Arts Teacher
Robert Bourgette

Bourgette, Robert

Instructional Assistant

Brown-Mason, Mary

Instructional Assistant
Cleveland ~ Attendance

Bulale, Talan

Math Teacher
Jacklyn Cable

Cable, Jacklyn

Assistant Principal (A-Le)
Antonia Caliboso

Caliboso, Antonia

Mental Health Counselor

Callandret, Shauntel

Grade 9 Student Success Coordinator
Kacey Campbell

Campbell, Kacey

Activity Coordinator, Career and Technical Education Teacher

This will be my second year working in education and second year at Cleveland. I feel lucky to have landed at such a great school with such supportive staff and administration. I have split roles at the school. I am the activity coordinator and a teacher. I teach two introduction to business courses and one marketing course. As the activity coordinator, I work with ASB to put on school events, oversee club activity and carry various other responsibilities. I earned my bachelors in Marketing, Business Administration from Colorado State University. I am a mixed race, first generation college graduate and take pride in creating a learning environment that students feel comfortable in. Outside of school, I like riding bikes, playing soccer, collecting vinyl and soaking up that summer sun.

Class Schedule Semester 1:

Period 2: Introduction to Business

Period 5: Marketing

Period 6: Introduction to Business


Adam Christopulos

Christopulos, Adam

Math, Career and Technical Education Teacher

I am new to Cleveland HS this year, joining the math department after 9 years at Rainier Beach HS. Prior to becoming a math teacher I practiced as a structural engineer for 5 years.

I love to skateboard & snowboard, play soccer, and build/fix things out of wood and metal.

Personal Message

As a parent of an Seattle Public Schools student, I know how hectic things are this year for students and families. Please feel free to reach out to me anytime with and questions or concerns.

My Class Schedule this year is:

  • Period 1/4: Algebra 2 (Block Class)
  • Period 2/5: Algebra 2 (Block Class)
  • Period 3/6: Prep Time
  • Period 7/8: Algebra 1 (Block Class)
  • Period 9/Advisory: 9th Grade Advisory
Daniko Clark

Clark, Daniko

Special Education Teacher
Dreena Clark

Clark, Dreena

Fiscal Specialist
Andrew Coughran

Coughran, Andrew

Humanities Teacher

I teach Humanities 11 (ethnic studies) and this will be year 10 at Cleveland. I have two young children and my wife is also an SPS teacher. I love all things Pacific Northwest.

Kelley Couvillion

Couvillion, Kelley

Occupational Therapist