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School Year 23-24 ASB Clubs

View the Associated Student Body (ASB) Club list below for the School Year 23-24 or look for more details on ECHO. To reach a Club Advisor refer to the online CHS Staff Directory. If you are interested in starting a Club reach out to the ASB/Leadership Advisor; Trisha Pilapil;

Cultural Clubs

Club NameAdvisorMeeting DayTimeLocation
African Student Association (ASA)Mr. DonohoeEvery Other WednesdayTBD1201
Asian Student UnionMr. LeEvery Other FridayLunch1342
Black Student UnionMr. Cyprus and Ms. DomTBDTBD2157
Chinese Student AssociationMs. ShuEvery Other WednesdayLunch2152
CHS Lion DanceMs. LeeEvery Thursday or FridayAfter School 3:45-4:45Auditorium
Habasha ClubMr. BulaleMonday and WednesdayLunch1314
Japanese Student AssociationMr. KoyanoTBDTBDTBD
Jewish ClubMs. Jones1st & 3rd MondayDuring Advisory2150
Filipino ClubMrs. Kekuna and Enrico AdadescoEvery WednesdayAfter School 2:30-3:302264
Latinx Student UnionMr. Campbell and Mr. HernandezTuesday and FridayLunch2264
Muslim Student AssociationMr. BulaleEvery ThursdayLunch1314
Vietnamese Student AssociationMs. WilliamsEvery Other MondayLunch1333

Academic Clubs

Club NameAdvisorMeeting DayTimeLocation
Creative LiteratureMs. WilliamsEvery TuesdayLunch1333
DebateMs. SobetskiEvery ThursdayAfter School 3:45-52158
HOSA (Health Organization Students of America)Mr. Donohoe and Ms. LeslieEvery Other FridayLunch2158
Key ClubMs. WilliamsEvery Other FridayLunch2154
Model UNMs. WilliamsEvert Other ThursdayLunchMs. Williams Room
National Honors SocietyMr. LinEvery MondayTBD1205
Running Start ClubMr. BarrLast Friday of Every MonthLunch2119
Technology Student AssociationMr. AlbertsonEvery FridayLunchTBD
Teen Health ClubSara Miner1st Tuesday of the MonthLunchTHC Conference Room
The Cleveland JournalMr. DanEvery WednesdayLunch1162

Recreational Clubs

Club NameAdvisorMeeting DayTimeLocation
Art ClubMs. AmyEvery Thursday & Every Other TuesdayThursday Lunch & Tuesday After School2020
Badminton ClubMr. CoughranSpring Sports Season: Every TuesdayAfter SchoolGym
BandworksMr. SeagerEvery ThursdayLunchBand Room 1180
Battle Cats ClubMr. MingoFriday and Mon-Thurs OptionalLunch2214
CandidMr. DanEvery TuesdayLunch1162
Card ClubMr. LinEvery TuesdayLunch1205
Cleveland Card ClubMr. LinEvery TuesdayLunch1205
Cleveland ClosetMs. KeeganEvery TuesdayLunch2070
Cleveland Gacha ClubMr. LeEvery WednesdayEvery Other Lunch1342
Cooking ClubMs. CallandretEvery Other MondayAfter School 3:50-62264
CHS Kpop Dance ClubMr. LinMonday and TuesdayMonday Lunch and Tuesday After School1201 and 1205
Dungeons & Dragons (DND) ClubMs. BakerWednesdayOnline Meetings1235
Esports ClubMr. DavisTBDTBDTBD
Green Team Environmental ClubMr. PrattEvery ThursdayLunch1135
GSAMs. KeeganEvery FridayLunch2070
Inspiring Connections OutdoorsMr. Lenzo1st Monday of the MonthLunch1307
Library ClubMr. Logan1st & 3rd Tuesday of the MonthLunchLibrary
Magic: The Gathering ClubMr. Goldman KirstsEvery MondayAfter School 3:40-52252
Marsha P. Johnson SocietyMx. JimenezEvery MondayLunch1207
Ping Pong ClubMs. BurkeEvery FridayAfter School 3:40-52122
Ski and Snowboard ClubMs. Goldman Kirst1st & 3rd WednesdayLunch2252
That’s CraftyMs. BakerEvery FridayLunch1235
Weight Lifting ClubMr. RosarioEvery Tuesday and ThursdayAfter School 3:40-5The Weight Room
Yarn ClubMs. ShirudeMonday and TuesdayLunch2254