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Prospective Students

Cleveland Open House

Cleveland Open House for upcoming 9th graders and new prospective students.

View the recording of Cleveland’s February 5, 2022 Open House Event

Learn More About Cleveland

Watch the videos below and find out more about Cleveland!

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School Choice for 2022-23

Open Enrollment begins February 1 – 28, 2022.

Choice applications will be accepted after this date through May 31, but will be considered “late” and will no longer qualify for sibling or Geo-zone priority tiebreakers. 

Student may submit one choice form application only during the open enrollment period (February 1-28).

*Attention Mac/iOS Users: The device you are using may not be compatible to complete the choice form. We highly encourage you to use Windows PC to fill this out; otherwise, you can print the form and email it to us at

Prospective Student Questions

For more questions contact 9th Grade Counselor: Trisa Ibarra at

Language or Translation Support

Help is available: in English, Spanish, Chinese, Amharic, Somali or Vietnamese. Just call 206-252-0760, all other languages please contact a bilingual specialist directly:

  • Amharic/Oromo: 206-445-3848
  • Chinese: 206-475-1860
  • Somali: 206-430-2494
  • Spanish: 206-471-2414
  • Vietnamese: 206-471-9386