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    CHS Robotics Club

    2019-20 Clubs & Organizations
    Contact Activities Coordinator Kasey Campbell if you are interested in advising or starting a club at Cleveland.

    These clubs are ASB-sponsored organizations. Click on the advisor name to email them with questions or concerns.
    Art Club - Shirley Borgelt, advisor (Room 2020; Mondays, 3:40-4:40)
    Black Student Union - Sonya Urs, advisor (Room 1342; Tuesdays during lunch/advisory)
    Choir Club - (Room 1305; Fridays, 3:45 to 4:45)
    CHS Lion Dance - Ching-Hsien Shu, advisor (Room 1201; Mondays and Wednesday; time TBD)
    Cooking Club - Paige Wakamatsu Wilson & Kathy Mayeda, advisors (Room 2264; Day TBD)
    Debate Club - Clare Sobetski, advisor (Room 2070; Thursdays, 4:45-5:00)
    Drama ClubRobert Gandy & Ana-Claudia Magana, advisors (time and date TBD)
    Filipino Club - Greg Kowalke, advisor (Room 2264; Thursdays, 3:35-5:00)
    Gender & Sexuality Alliance - Robert Gandy, advisor (Room 1342; 2nd and 4th Friday, 3:45-4:30)
    Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) - Grant Storey, advisor (Room 2158; Mondays 3:45-4:30)
    Japanese Pop Culture Club - David Dreeben, advisor (Room 1235; Thursday 3:45-5:00)
    Jazz Club - Caitlin Malarkey, advisor (Room 1180; Monday-Friday, 7:45-8:40 a.m.)
    Key Club - Claire Abe, advisor (Room 2112; Tuesday, 3:40-4:40)
    Latinx Students United - Francisco Sanchez-Garcia, advisor; Room 1127; Tuesdays, 3:40-4:40)
    Library Club - Lee Micklin, advisor (Library; last Friday of the month; lunch/advisory)
    Major Taylor Bike Club - Rich Brown, advisor (meets in the spring)
    National Honor Society - Evin Shinn, advisor (Room 1335; meeting times vary throughout the year)
    Robotics - Christine Allison, advisor (Room 1170; Thursdays 3:40-5:00)
    Vietnamese Student Union - Diana Klatte, advisor (Room 2154; Mondays during lunch)

    These clubs are run by volunteers and/or are not governed by ASB:
    Business Club - (Room 1207; Thursdays 3:50-4:30)
    Girls First - Charlie Mercer, advisor (Room 1212; Thursdays 3:45-5:00)
    Green Team - Molly Moroz (Room 1135; Wednesdays 2:35-3:35)
    Super Smash Bros. Club - Francis Lin (Room 1205; Fridays 3:45-5:00)

    These clubs are ASB-sponsored, but are inactive OR need a supervisory adult to run the group:
    Fish & Roses (Gardening Club)
    K-Pop Club
    Math Club