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Online Course Registration 24-25

The Source Portal is open Jan. 24 – Feb. 26, 2024

Incoming 9th grade and NEW Students (online registration coming shortly)

Current CHS Students Grades 9, 10, 11

Online Course Registration on The Source will be open from Jan. 24 – Feb. 26 for current grade 9 – 11 Cleveland STEM HS students. Note: Incoming Grade 9 and new Students (Gr 10-12) Online Registration will be open April 19 – May 1 to enroll in classes for the next school year.

Below you will find course materials that will help guide you to select your classes. Students will be selecting their electives and back up electives. For Current students, it is important to have this completed by the calendar date in which Counselors will be going into Humanities classes (see below).

Advisory teachers on Jan. 24 will also provide students with a Registration Lesson. Counselors will be in Humanities classes starting Feb 5 – 16 to review courses students pick and ensure that all students have filled out the online Class Registration and is aligned with their high school graduation requirements.

Counselors in Humanities Classes

February 5-9, 2024

  • Mon, Feb. 5: Baker
  • Tues, Feb. 6: Price
  • Wed, Feb. 7: RS Students who want classes at CHS
  • Thu, Feb. 8: Le
  • Fri, Feb. 9: Coughran (2,4,8) and Barr (6th)

February 12-16, 2024

  • Mon, Feb. 12: Magaña
  • Tues, Feb. 13: Williams
  • Wed, Feb. 14: Financial Aid In School Day
  • Thu, Feb. 15: Keegan (5 & 7) and Barr (1st)
  • Fri, Feb. 16: Williams-Leach

Directions to Register for Classes for 2024-25 

Cleveland STEM High School Online Registration 24-25

Register for classes for the 24-25 school year using the directions below:  

  1. Fill out your 2024-2025 Course Registration Planning Worksheet for selecting next year’s courses, either on paper or digitally.
    • Use your Graduation Credit Checklist from the Advisory lesson or grade history via the source/transcript and the Cleveland Registration Handbook to inform your decisions (make sure you are taking classes you need in order to graduate).
    • Use the Planning Guides for Grades 9 – 11
      • Current 9th grader select 10th Grade
      • Current 10th grader select 11th Grade
      • Current 11th grader select 12th Grade
    • Refer to the Course Registration Handbook
    • Refer to the district Introduction Course Registration
  2. Watch the district video on how to pick courses (10 min).
    • Note! This is a SPS video and students will need 8 credits at Cleveland instead of the 6 mentioned in this video. Also students are only picking their elective classes. Current Grade 10 & 11 may also pick Science. Required courses (humanities, pathway, math, grade 10 science will be added in by our registrar)
  3. Login to The Source with your Seattle Public Schools account information.
    • Visit the Source on the district website.
    • Your Home page in The Source shows Cleveland Registration and prompts you to enter the elective and alternate backup elective classes you selected on your registration form. 
  4. When you complete your selections for each category, a green checkmark will show on the right side of your screen. 
  5. You Are Almost Done: Double check did you ??
    • 1) Complete your 2024-2025 Course Registration planning worksheet and
    • 2) Online registration on the Source. 
      • School counselors will meet with you in Humanities Classes Feb 5 – 16. Refer to the Calendar Schedule
      • Counselors will check that you selected courses that fulfill graduation requirements and align with your future plans, please make sure to have registered for classes on the source.

Consult with your advisory teacher or counselor if you have questions re: a specific subject area’s course sequence. Students with IEPs should work directly with their IEP manager to select their courses for 24-25.

Please Note! Your 24-25 class schedule is built completely on which courses & alternates you SUBMIT ONLINE. If you do not complete this CRITICAL step within your registration, it could result in not getting the courses you wanted.

Cleveland STEM High School Online Registration 24-25

Hello incoming 9th grade students and families! By April 2024 the Seattle School District will give CHS the names of all the students assigned to us for the next year. We will then email the registration information to all incoming new students and families.


The Source Portal will open Jan. 24 – Feb 26, 2024. Once you complete your selection for electives in the source and submit it is locked.

If you would like to update it, you would have to email your counselor or Registrar: Ms. Tagupa; with changes you would like to be made.