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Forgot to buy a yearbook? Place your order with Ms. Scribner in Room 1162. Yearbooks will be available for purchase through the remainder of the school year for $60.

News and Events

2015 Open Houses and In-School Tour
Welcome Prospective Cleveland High School Students and Families!


We are very excited to meet you and give you an opportunity to get to know more about Cleveland. Below you will find information regarding our upcoming 2015 Open Houses and In-School Tour. If you are thinking about attending any of the below events please RSVP by CLICKING HERE.

·         Open House: Saturday, Feb 7, from 9-10:30am

·         Open House: Tuesday, Feb 10, from 6-7:30pm

·         In-School Tour: Wednesday, Feb 11, from 8-10:30am

Feel free to contact Kelly Tagupa (school registrar) @ (206) 252-7814 or @ with any questions or concerns regarding the Open Houses or In-School Tour.



Cleveland High School Counseling Team


Share your vision for SPS Technology!
Seattle Public Schools' Department of Technology Services would like your feedback on the vision for our district's educational technology.  SPS students, parents, staff, and community partners are invited to take part in this very important event, which will help guide the district's vision for the next several years.  For the Cleveland community, this event is especially accessible--it's in our lunchroom!  Registration for the event, happening Saturday January 24th, is required--please visit the website to learn more and register: 

Technology Summit Web Page/Registration Page

Find out what's happening at Cleveland!
Parking lot procedures
All parking spaces in the school parking lot are assigned to staff. Please, when picking up/or dropping off your student, do not park in these parking space. If you must wait for your student or if you have business in the Main Office, please use the Eight visitor parking spaces located at the south end of the parking lot along the west fence.  These spaces are marked with green and white VISITOR parking signs. 
Dress Code Guidelines
Dear Cleveland Eagles:
We want to communicate some details about our expectations for student dress while at school.  At Cleveland, our mission is “Real world preparation for real world success.”  We strive to provide a professional environment for students; for example, people from community organizations, universities, and industry frequently visit our campus to participate in student learning.  We want to help students present themselves professionally at school.  Therefore, we are providing some clear guidelines for appropriate school dress below, and are grateful for families’ support of this expectation.
  1. All students should cover, at the least, the areas shaded in the image shown below.
  2. Shorts or skirts should be extend to at least the length of the students’ longest finger, when held against the leg while standing up straight.
  3. Pants or shorts should rest across the waist, held in place by a belt if needed.
Thank you for your attention to these guidelines.
Cleveland High School Administration
More Attendance News
Here's an update on the attendance policy:

If a student doesn't agree with the markings on their attendance (i.e.: if they were marked absent but they believe that they were either on time or late), they need to come to the Attendance Office and ask for the Attendance Correction Form (red paper). 

Students will need to discuss the matter with the teacher. Afterwards, they should return the form back to the Attendance Office.

Also, students who show up late to school (even if their parents called that they were going to be late), need to check in at the Attendance Office first.

If you have any attendance-related questions, do not hesitate to stop by Bayot's office.
Protocol set for Muslim prayer time
New protocols are now in place for Muslim students who participate in prayer time.

1. Students must check in with their 7th or 8th period teacher for attendance purposes.
2. Students should quietly step to prayer area, either in the hallway or the designated space.
3. Students should be gone NO MORE than 15 minutes maximum, including travel time.
4. Designated space for females is room 2157; for males it's room 1109
5. Students will not be allowed to sit in window sills or stairwells. You must report to a designated space.
5. Prayer time is from 1:05 - 1:20 p.m. (Time will adjust accordingly).
Students who are missing beyond the prescribed time will be reported to administration. The principal will then contact the parent(s) if a student becomes a repeat offender.
Cleveland in the news
 A recent article from the Seattle Times Education Lab project highlighted our school.  Check it out here.

A Change To Echo & Google Docs

Good afternoon, Cleveland Eagles!

On July 1st, 2014 Echo will no longer offer Single Sign-On (SSO) between Google Apps and our school. This change will have very little impact on your day-to-day activities and will mean you can use your Google account for more than just Echo such as the Google Drive desktop app, Khan Academy, Blogger, and other services. Linking to Google Docs within Echo will still work after this change.

To guarantee we are all prepared for this update, please make sure to update your password for your account. Please review this tutorial for instructions on changing your password. No other action is needed for this transition.

For more information on why Echo will sunset this service, please see this FAQ on the Echo Support Center. 

Thank you,


Patrick Yolian
Network Analyst
Cleveland High School

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