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Dear Cleveland families and staff,

I want to share with you information on a recent event that was reported in our community. Yesterday after school, on the stairs just east of 18th Ave. South and South Lucile Street, a Cleveland student was approached by a man who grabbed and attempted to restrain her. The student was able to break free and ran to the home of a neighbor.

Our student did everything right, immediately getting away from the stranger, meeting up with a familiar adult and reporting the incident to her parents, the school, and police. Police have a description of the suspect and are investigating the incident.

Student safety is our top priority at Cleveland.  For the next few school days, Seattle Police Department will have extra patrols in the area.  We are also working with Seattle Public Schools’ Safety and Security Department on this matter.  You can help your children stay safe by talking to them about personal safety. Tips to discuss are walking in pairs or groups and being aware of their surroundings at all times, as well as not talking to strangers or getting into their vehicles.

More tips and information can be found on the Seattle Police Department website.

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Welcome Class of 2019!
We are so excited to welcome in our new freshman class of 2019 this fall! We have some important information we want to get to families regarding class registration and incoming freshman events. This information has been mailed home to families that have been assigned to Cleveland. Attached is the link to the Incoming Freshman Welcome Letter, 9th Grade Option Sheet, and the 9th Grade Registration Handbook.


Please feel free to contact the counseling staff with any questions.




Serena Swanson, Counselor
(206) 252-7811 

Noelle Zentz, Counselor
(206) 252-7812

Information about Smarter Balanced (SBAC) Testing
Hello, Eagle Family.  We wanted to share information about the Smarter Balanced (SBAC) testing happening this week and next week in junior and sophomore classes.  Here are some of the key points.
  1. For sophomores, this test is an opportunity to meet a graduation requirement for Washington State.  For juniors, this test will not impact their high school graduation requirements.
  2. Juniors and their families should know about the advantages to taking the SBAC.  
    • All Washington State public colleges and universities will now accept SBAC scores as “placement” test scores.  A quote from a recent Seattle Times article:  "Eleventh-graders who score at the top two levels will be placed directly into college-level math and English when they enter any Washington public two- or four-year college."
    • This agreement also applies in many other states:  Oregon, Hawaii, South Dakota, Delaware, and many of the public schools in California’s state system.
    • The SBAC is often compared to the SAT or ACT in terms of the information it provides about your student’s college readiness.  It is free, it is already happening in junior classrooms, and there is no penalty for getting more information about how a student is progressing toward readiness for college.
    • Finally, student participation in the testing is helpful to our school as a whole as we seek to assess how well we are preparing our students for college and careers.
  3. It is the right of a parent to opt their student out of a state-mandated test.  Parents wishing to opt out must provide written documentation to Mr. Watson and Principal Breland.  A written signed letter addressed to Principal Breland and delivered to Mr. Watson will work.  Students who opt out will participate in a supervised study hall during testing periods over the next two weeks.

Thanks for your consideration of this information, and your support of your student and Cleveland High School.

Here is the link to the Seattle Times article about use of SBAC scores in college placement:  
Thank You
Our school community has had a difficult week, as we dealt with the shock and grief of losing our student, Robert Robinson, Jr., to gun violence.  We took great comfort in the outpouring of kind words and offers of support that came from all around our city.  We thank everyone who has sent a message, or stopped by, or otherwise communicated their goodwill.  Your kindness in this difficult time is a powerful help.
Parking lot procedures
All parking spaces in the school parking lot are assigned to staff. Please, when picking up/or dropping off your student, do not park in these parking space. If you must wait for your student or if you have business in the Main Office, please use the Eight visitor parking spaces located at the south end of the parking lot along the west fence.  These spaces are marked with green and white VISITOR parking signs. 
Dress Code Guidelines
Dear Cleveland Eagles:
We want to communicate some details about our expectations for student dress while at school.  At Cleveland, our mission is “Real world preparation for real world success.”  We strive to provide a professional environment for students; for example, people from community organizations, universities, and industry frequently visit our campus to participate in student learning.  We want to help students present themselves professionally at school.  Therefore, we are providing some clear guidelines for appropriate school dress below, and are grateful for families’ support of this expectation.
  1. All students should cover, at the least, the areas shaded in the image shown below.
  2. Shorts or skirts should be extend to at least the length of the students’ longest finger, when held against the leg while standing up straight.
  3. Pants or shorts should rest across the waist, held in place by a belt if needed.
Thank you for your attention to these guidelines.
Cleveland High School Administration
More Attendance News
Here's an update on the attendance policy:

If a student doesn't agree with the markings on their attendance (i.e.: if they were marked absent but they believe that they were either on time or late), they need to come to the Attendance Office and ask for the Attendance Correction Form (red paper). 

Students will need to discuss the matter with the teacher. Afterwards, they should return the form back to the Attendance Office.

Also, students who show up late to school (even if their parents called that they were going to be late), need to check in at the Attendance Office first.

If you have any attendance-related questions, do not hesitate to stop by Bayot's office.
Protocol set for Muslim prayer time
New protocols are now in place for Muslim students who participate in prayer time.

1. Students must check in with their 7th or 8th period teacher for attendance purposes.
2. Students should quietly step to prayer area, either in the hallway or the designated space.
3. Students should be gone NO MORE than 15 minutes maximum, including travel time.
4. Designated space for females is room 2157; for males it's room 1109
5. Students will not be allowed to sit in window sills or stairwells. You must report to a designated space.
5. Prayer time is from 1:05 - 1:20 p.m. (Time will adjust accordingly).
Students who are missing beyond the prescribed time will be reported to administration. The principal will then contact the parent(s) if a student becomes a repeat offender.

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