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    1. Scholarships/Search Engines

    2. State Testing & Graduation Requirements

    ​3. Social/Emotional Support & Community

    • a. OSPI School Safety Center:
    • b. Make an appointment to speak to your counselor.
      • Receive short-term support from your counselor.
      • Receive referals to outside community support (e.g. Atlantic Street Center, Asian Counseling and Referral Service, Southeast Youth and Family Services, Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative,etc.).
    • c. Visit the Teen Health Center.
    • d. Throughout the year, you can look for for outside mentorship programs to apply to (e.g., Community for Youth, UWUpward Bound, UW STEMSUB Upward Bound, ACE Mentor Program, StepAhead, MESA, etc.).
    • e. Join a club at Cleveland to become part of a smaller community.

    4. Running Start