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    1. Scholarships

    • a. Create a profile on for local and national scholarships.
    • b. The District produces a monthly bulletin that can be accessed by sending an email request to one of the counselors or by picking it up from the counseling office.
    • c. Here is the link to the CHS Scholarship Bulletin created by CCRA/UW Dream Project CHS Scholarship/Program Bulletin

    2. State Testing & Graduation Requirements

    3. Social/Emotional Support & Community

    • a. OSPI School Safety Center:
    • b. Make an appointment to speak to your counselor.
      • Receive short-term support from your counselor.
      • Receive referals to outside community support (e.g. Atlantic Street Center, Asian Counseling and Referral Service, Southeast Youth and Family Services, Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative,etc.).
    • c. Visit the Teen Health Center.
    • d. Throughout the year, you can look for for outside mentorship programs to apply to (e.g., Community for Youth, Summer Search, UWUpward Bound, UW Math Science Upward Bound, ACE Mentor Program, StepAhead, MESA, etc.).
    • e. Join a club at Cleveland to become part of a smaller community.

    4. Running Start

    • a. Basic description:
    • b. In order to do running start, students must speak with their counselor, take the college placement test at the college, qualify, meet with their running start advisor at the college, and fill out a verification form with their counselor at Cleveland. The verification form must be filled out every quarter.