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    Senior Check Out Day is Monday June 19th

    Monday, June 19 is the last day to attend classes for Seniors. They are expected to attend all classes on their schedule that day. Students must have all teachers sign off on their final grade, and all fines must be paid before Counselors will clear them for graduation.  Students may not interrupt classes to get signatures from teachers. Payments for fines should be directed to Fiscal Secretary Dreena Clark and must be cash or money orders only. Students who do not complete the check out process will not be able to walk at graduation.



    Counseling Team Registration for the 2017-2018 School Year

    1.       Registration materials will be delivered to Humanities Teacher mailboxes on Monday, March 13th by 8:00AM, the materials include a student’s transcript, their registration form, and course catalogs

    2.        Students will take home their transcript and registration form to go over course selections and requirements with parent guardians, preferably 1 week before counselor’s visit

    3.       Students will then bring their completed registration forms to their assigned registration day as listed below

    4.       On their registration day in Humanities, each student will meet with their assigned counselor 1 on 1 to review and submit what is on their registration form into PowerScheduler

    5.        Counselors will keep the registration form as record of student’s preference


    Monday, March 20

    Class of 2020

    1. Gandy

    3. Prep

    5. Gandy

    7. Gandy


    March 21

    Class of 2020

    2. Nider

    4. Prep

    6. Nider

    8. Nider

    Wednesday, March 22

    Wassup Wednesday

    No Registration

    Thursday, March 23

    Class of 2019/20

    1. Shinn, 10

    3. Shinn, 9

    5. Shinn, 9

    7. Prep

    Friday, March 24

    Class of 2019

    2. Evans

    4. Evans

    6. Evans

    8. Prep

    Monday, March 27

    Anchor Day

    No Registration

    Tuesday, March 28

    Class of 2019

    1. Williams

    3. Williams

    5. Williams

    7. Prep

    Wednesday, March 29

    Class of 2018

    2. Prep

    4. Coughran

    6. Coughran

    8. Coughran

    Thursday, March 30

    Class of 2018

    1. Prep

    3. Churaisin

    5. Churaisin

    7. Churaisin


    Friday, March 31

    Counselors Meet with Running Start Class of 2018 Students