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    Attendance Specialist: :Lynda Hoang
    Location: Building 2, Ground Floor, Room 2050 (across from the Counseling Center)
    Phone: 206-252-7804
    Email: Lynda Hoang


    This includes, but is not limited to: excused absences due to sports, field trips, and events that happen inside the school. Thank you!

    Attendance Information

    • A letter is mailed monthly to parents of students who have at least 2 unexcused absences on their records.
      • Parents/Guardians should excuse the absences as soon as possible
    • Absences older than 2 weeks will no longer be excused
    • Students, it is your responsibility to keep track of your attendance. Check The SOURCE frequently for current attendance information.
      • For any discrepancies, come to the Attendance Office and fill out an Attendance Correction Form

    Excusing Absences and Tardies

    • Parents/Guardians must call, e-mail, or have your child drop off a note at the Attendance Office
    • Always include a valid reason when excusing absences and tardies

    Examples Of Reasons That Are Not Excused

    Alarm did not go off
    Woke up late/overslept
    Work (employers cannot require students to work during school hours)
    Missing the metro bus
    Consistent car troubles
    Family issues/emergencies that are not explained and/or confirmed by a parent/guardian
    Babysitting/driving siblings to school
    Leaving school without parents notifying the Attendance Office ahead of time

    Early Release

    • Call, e-mail, or have your child drop off a note at least 2hrs in advance noting the time that your child needs to be released (i.e.: doctor appointments). This gives our office enough time to send your child an Early Release pass so he/she can leave on time
    • The student will not be released without permission from parent/guardian via phone call, e-mail, or a note

    Update Your Contact Information

    • Only contacts in our system under your child’s name are allowed to pick him/her up, and call in absences and early release
    • Please check in with the Attendance Office to ask who is on your child’s contact list, and update when necessary

    Your Child Arrives Late to School

    • Have your child come to the Attendance Office to receive a hallway pass to go to class
    • Having your child check in with the office also ensures that we can give you accurate information on whether or not he/she made it to school safely and on time
    • Students more than 10 minutes late to class are marked absent

    Missing More Than 3 Days of School

    Pick up a Pre-Planned Absence Form in the Attendance Office