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    College Success Foundation at Cleveland High School

    Hi All,

    The College Success Foundation (CSF) provide students with the inspiration, mentoring and financial support they need to navigate their individual path to college completion. Our model provides a unique integrated system of supports and scholarships to help students graduate from high school, complete college and succeed in life.

    CSF supports begin in sixth grade and continue through high school, college and after graduation. Through our model of success, we start building college and career awareness in middle school; in high school we advise and mentor to be sure they graduate college-ready and know how to navigate the financial aid and scholarship processes. In college, CSF mentor students in their early years to help them become familiar with campus resources.

    My role as a College Prep Adviser at Cleveland High School is to recruit juniors for the Achievers Program in the fall, while simultaneously working with Achiever seniors with the college application process. Once juniors are selected to be in the Achievers program, I work with them from their junior year to high school graduation. My primary role is to provide college planning support and information, offer guidance to help them identify the financial supports necessary to fund a college education, and connect students with resources and information to support high school graduation to Achiever juniors and seniors.

    Camtu Nguyen
    College Preparatory Advisor, College Success Foundation

    Cleveland High School
    5511 15th Ave S
    Seattle, WA 98108
    Room Number: 1339


    Community For Youth

    Community for Youth (CfY) inspires and supports students to be their best selves through mentoring, learning experiences, and a powerful community. Through activities and conversations that are youth-centric and youth-led, students explore issues that impact them. Caring adults act as trusted advocates and opportunity brokers so youth can set and achieve their goals, explore career options and improve their community through service learning. In addition to one-on-one sessions, our students and mentors meet monthly in small Family Groups of seven to eight pairs, as well as in Learning Communities of 40 pairs, for directed workshops that help our students build confidence, determination, and self-awareness. We provide mentors with a support system, too, with monthly mentor-only meetings and workshops that give them the tools to succeed as mentors.

    Applications are typically due in October. Check out how to get involved and apply by visiting their website at:

    OneWorld Now!

    OneWorld Now! envisions a world where all young people have access to transformative international education. Their mission is to develop the next generation of global leaders. They do so by offering classes for students to study a world language such as Arabic, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, or Russian. They also offer workshops where students can develop their leadership skills by developing their personal, societal, cultural, and global awareness as well as gaining skills to enact positive and social change. This would be a great opportunity for students who can't fit language classes into their schedule, who need elective credit, or have interest in languages not commonly taught in SPS.

    They have an after-school program, Summer language program, and study abroad program. Check out their website for more information:


    Seattle Promise Scholarship: College for Every Seattle Student

    Seattle Promise brings college education within reach for every Seattle public high school student, no matter your grades or finances. Students accepted to the program can receive up to two years (or 90 credits) of free college tuition at North Seattle College, Seattle Central College, or South Seattle College, as well as personalized support to transition from high school and succeed in college. All Seattle public high school students in the graduating class are eligible. Students will begin their studies at Seattle Colleges the next school year.

    The Support You Need To Thrive In College

    Focus on your studies without the financial burden of tuition. During your senior year of high school, we’ll help you complete college and financial aid applications, choose your first classes, and help you prepare for college success.

    Seattle Promise Includes

    FREE TUITION: Two years (or up to 90 credits) of free tuition at the Seattle Colleges.
    COLLEGE PREPARATION: Support preparing for life on campus, assistance choosing and registering for classes, introductions to college instructors and more to help you get ready for college.
    YEAR-ROUND SUPPORT: Regular check-ins with the Seattle Promise team to help you navigate your college experience from start to finish.
    LONG-TERM PLANNING: Advising to help plan your next steps, including opportunities for gaining a summer internship and work experience.
    FINANCIAL SUPPORT BEYOND TUITION: Assistance with other school-related expenses such as books, child care, food, housing, and transportation.

    Lee Westrick
    Seattle Promise
    Outreach Specialist

    Please schedule an appointment with me by clicking this link:

    Seattle Youth Employment Program

    The Seattle Youth Employment Program (SYEP) supports young people (ages 16 to 24) from qualifying-income households and communities that experience racial, social, and economic disparities. The goal is to increase youth and young adults' ability to pursue careers that pay well and are meaningful to them.

    SYEP has three components: a stipend-based school year exploration and learning experience, summer internships with local nonprofits and Seattle city departments, and private internship opportunities for Seattle Promise students.

    SYEP now offers three different opportunities for youth and young adults: 

    • School-Year Program (three quarters: fall, winter, and spring): Participants identify professional interests, gain marketable skills, are exposed to various career fields, and build their social network. Students receive stipends based on their quarterly participation.
    • Summer Internship: Young people are placed in structured, paid work settings within city departments and local nonprofit agencies to apply their knowledge, gain hands-on experience, develop professional connections, and build their resume.
    • Opportunity Promise: Qualifying Seattle Promise students are placed and supervised in paid internships with some of the region’s top private employers (eg. Amazon, Expedia, Alaska Airlines) for intense career exploration and preparation prior to college degree program completion.


    Phone: 206-386-1375
    In-person: 810 3rd Ave Suite 425, Seattle 98104 (Mon- Fri, 8 am to 5 pm)
    In-person hours are currently available by appointment only.


    UW Upward Bound at Cleveland High School

    Upward Bound is a federally-funded program that assists students in their pursuit of a high school diploma and prepares them to enter and complete a post-secondary education program. UW Upward Bound serves qualified students at Cleveland High School who are from economically disadvantaged backgrounds and/or will be the first in their family to complete a four-year college degree. Upward Bound is a year-round program structured in two components. Support provided during the academic year includes tutoring, advising, writing instruction, SAT and ACT test preparation and career exploration opportunities. Each summer, Upward Bound students spend six weeks on the UW campus to experience the academic and social atmosphere of a major university. Students receive instruction in UW classrooms and enroll in language arts, math, foreign language, science and elective classes.

    The application will be available to eligible 9th and 10th grade students online in mid-December. Visit UW Upward Bound’s website for more information:

    flyer requesting that 10th graders apply to UW Math Science Upward Bound program. Apply today by visiting