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    About Us

    Counseling is open remote and virtual  from 8:40 a.m. - 4:10 p.m.

    Cleveland STEM School Counselors offer academic, career and personal/social support for students.

    This includes:

    • Individual and small group counseling
    • Classroom guidance lessons
    • Intervention for attendance and coursework issues
    • Confidential referrals to outside agencies
    • High school class registration and planning
    • Class changes and waiver requests
    • Post-high school planning through career and college guidance lessons in Naviance
    • Student and Family Events
    • Scholarship and financial aid information
    • Serves on Student Intervention Team
    • Serves on the College Career Leadership Institute
    • Serves on the Building Leadership Team
    • Appointments

      To make a virtual appointment with your Counselor:

      Schedule an appointment using Bookings: online

      School Counselors:

      Napsiyah Sallee - Head School Counselor, 9th and 12th grade Full-time Running Start Students, 206-252-7812

      Claire Abe - School Counselor, 10th-12th grade, School of Engineering and Design (SOED), 206-252-7874

      Chloe Kimiai  - School Counselor, 10th-12th grade , School of Life Sciences (SOLS), 206-252-7811

      Kelly Tagupa - Registrar,, 206-252-7814 Room: 2151 (located on first floor)

      Sandra Lopez- Counseling Intern (Seattle University),

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    Building 2 (Across from Attendance) - Room 2002

    Welcome to the Cleveland STEM HS Counseling Center 


    August 31, 2020

    Dear Cleveland Families:

    For those who are new to Cleveland, and those who are returning, welcome!  We thank you for your continued patience while waiting for key information about the 2020-2021 school year.  In this letter, we will share information about:

    1. Our laptop distribution event on Thursday, September 3, from 12 – 3 pm.
    2. The special schedule we will be following during “Strong Start Week”—beginning on our first day of school, Friday, September 4, and continuing until Friday September 11. 
    3. Our regular academic schedule during online learning, which will start on Monday, September 14th.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How will my student get to their first online class on Friday, September 4?

    Your student should check their SPS email for an invitation from their teacher to the virtual classroom.  More information coming soon to help students who are new to SPS email.

    How can my student see their schedule?

    Students can see their schedules on The Source, starting on the evening of Thursday September 3rd.

    In the regular online schedule, how long are classes?

    • All students will spend up to 50 minutes per class with a teacher; there are 4 classes per day.
    • Many classes are “blocked”—two periods with the same teacher. 
    • Students will occasionally spend additional time with teachers in small group conferences. 
    • See the online class schedule below for more details

    Why is the schedule different for the first 5 days—the “Strong Start” week?

    • Our district has set this time aside for connecting with students and families, and providing students dedicated time for social/emotional learning (SEL).  
    • We will also use this time as orientation for students to Cleveland and online learning. 
      • Students will learn the basics of our learning management system, Echo
      • Echo replaces Schoology—there will be more info soon about how students and families can learn this system


    If your student is new to Cleveland, please come to our drive-through laptop distribution on Thursday, September 3, from 12 – 3pm.    

    • If your last name begins with A-L, please arrive between 12:00 and 1:30 pm
    • If your last name begins with M-Z, please arrive between 1:30 and 3:00 pm
    • Walk-ups are also allowed, please wear a mask and maintain 6 feet distance
    • If in a vehicle, please wear a mask and PLEASE DO NOT EXIT THE CAR
    • 9th graders who still have to turn in the laptop they received in 8th grade may do so here
    • If you can’t be present on Thursday, look for upcoming messages about distributions happening the following week.


    NOTE:  The schedule below starts on Monday, September 14th 

    Purple =          Time when a teacher will be working with students

    Blue     =          Time when students are working independently

    *NOTE:  Classes appear in an unusual order (1,2,3,7 and 4,5,6,8) because of a district requirement about sequencing of classes to allow participating in Skills Center programs.







    9:00 –


    Period 1 Live


    Period 4 Live



    9:00 –


    Small Group

    Periods 1-8

    Independent Work/

    Asynchronous Periods 1-8

    9:55 – 10:15

    Period 1 Small Group

    Period 1Independent Work/Asynchronous

    Period 4 Small Group

    Period 4Independent Work/Asynchronous






    10:30 – 11:20

    Period 2 Live (Synchronous)

    Period 5 Live (Synchronous)


    11:25 –


    Period 2 Small Group

    Period 2Independent Work/Asynchronous

    Period 5 Small Group

    Period 5Independent Work/Asynchronous


    11:15 – 12:30



    11:45 – 12:45






    12:40 – 1:25

    Family Communication

    Independent Work/Asynchronous

    12:45 – 1:35

    Period 3 Live (Synchronous)

    Period 6 Live (Synchronous)


    1:35 – 2:35


    1:40 – 2:00

    Period 3

    Small Group

    Period 3Independent Work/Asynchronous

    Period 6

    Small Group

    Period 6Independent Work/Asynchronous


    2:35 – 4:10

    Students--Early dismissal









    2:10 – 3:00

    Period 7 Live(Synchronous)

    Period 8 Live(Synchronous)





    3:05 – 3:25

    Period 7

    Small Group

    Period 7Independent Work/Asynchronous

    Period 8

    Small Group

    Period 8Independent Work/Asynchronous





    3:30 – 3:50

    Advisory Check-Ins


    Advisory Check-Ins





    Mr. Breland