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    Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics


    The STEM Program at Cleveland High School offers students an integrated, project-based, high technology learning environment. STEM students apply their knowledge and skills in ways that have personal significance and work together with community partners to address real, authentic life, societal or world problems.

    The Instructional Program

    • Students enjoy a 1:1 student lap-top program.
    • Project-based learning accelerates students’ academic progress, giving all students an opportunity to successfully complete college-level work while still in high school.
    • Career and Technical Education is an important aspect of the instructional core, and student internships in STEM fields provide students with opportunities to demonstrate their ability to apply knowledge learned in the classroom.
    • STEM students develop leadership, thinking, & collaboration skills, self-management and other 21st Century skills through service learning & project based learning, which prepare them for a successful transition to further education, future careers, and adult life.

    Is STEM the Right Fit for my Student?

    Consider whether you or your student would benefit from a learning environment which emphasizes:

    • Cooperative, small group work and instruction.
    • Full inclusion of Special Education and English Language Learners.
    • Laptops provided to each student and required daily in class.
    • Real world and relevant project/instructional contexts.
    • Culture of learning, trust, respect, & responsibility of students and adults.

    How Does STEM at Cleveland High School Work?

    Cleveland High School is an “option” high school, meaning that any Seattle student can attend. STEM at Cleveland has two separate pathways students can choose from. Common elements are:

    • Block Scheduling. STEM features eight courses per semester, giving students the opportunity to take rigorous math and science courses, as well as world languages, music, art, and PE.
    • Math and science every year. STEM students take four years of math and four years of science. Cleveland offers a strong academic program, including an array of AP science, mathematics, and engineering courses.
    • Courses for every student. The STEM program is structured so that every student can succeed. STEM at Cleveland offers support for students who need additional assistance, as well as acceleration for students who are ready to tackle more rigorous coursework.
    • Project-based learning opportunities. All courses are taught using project or problem-based approaches, in a high technology learning environment in which students apply their knowledge and skills in ways that have personal significance. Local and regional partnerships with industry, higher education, and community-based organizations provide an array of learning opportunities.
    • Expanded Learning Opportunities. The STEM Program has been designed to provide enriched learning opportunities throughout high school.
      • Incoming 9th Graders have the opportunity to get a head start in Project 206
      • STEM Summer Learning Opportunities for grades 9/10
      • Job Shadow Opportunities for 11th graders
      • Internship opportunities for 12th graders

    Course Progression: All Students

    At Cleveland STEM, all students will take the coursework outlined below (standard SPS graduation requirements). We require a “college-ready” schedule for all students, including two years of world language, four years of math, and four years of science. We have strong non-STEM electives available as well, including music, fine art, journalism, multimedia, and video production.

    9th Grade: Language Arts and World History (Humanities), Algebra or Geometry, Chemistry/Physics, Electives*

    10th Grade: Language Arts, World History 3 (Humanities) Geometry or Algebra 2, Biology, Electives*, AP Classes**, College Level Classes***

    11th Grade: Language Arts, US History (Humanities), Algebra 2 or Pre-Calculus, Chemistry/Physics, Electives*, AP Classes**, College Level Classes***

    12th Grade: Language Arts, American Government (Humanities), Pre-Calculus, Statistics or Calculus, Physics, Electives*, AP Classes**, College Level Classes***

    *Electives: Courses include: PE/Health, World Language (Mandarin, Spanish), Fine Arts (Band, Orchestra, Drumline, Art Survey, Music Survey, Ceramics), Yearbook, Journalism, Multimedia, Video Production,  , Forensics

    **AP Classes: AP Chemistry, AP Computer Science, AP Environmental Science, AP Physics, AP Statistics, AP Spanish, AP Calculus

    ***College Level Classes: Biology 100 (UWIHS)

    Course Progression: Pathways

    Biomedical/Life Sciences

    Pathway focuses on the life sciences and biomedical fields, including biology, anatomy and physiology, molecular biology and techniques, and professional research lab skills via a robust series of Project Lead the Way courses.

    • 9th Grade: Physiology
    • 10th Grade: Biomedical Sciences
    • 11th Grade: Applied Molecular Biology
    • 12th Grade: AP Science Course

    Engineering and Design

    Pathway students answer “How are things made and what processes go into creating products?” They use software and manufacturing equipment to create products of their own.

    • 9th Grade: Introduction to Engineering Design
    •  10th Grade: Intro to Engineering 2
    • 11th Grade: Principles of Engineering 
    • 12th Grade: AP Science Course

    Computer Science

    Pathway focuses on Computer Science Principles introducing students to the foundational concepts of computer science and challenges them to explore how computing and technology can impact the world.

    • 9th Grade: Introduction to Programming
    •  10th Grade: AP Computer Science
    • 11th Grade: AP Computer Science A1
    • 12th Grade: AP Science Course


    Community Partners (Partial List)

    Army Corps of Engineers
    Institute for Systems Biology
    Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research
    Dana K. Johnston Foundation
    College Success Foundation
    Upward Bound – UW
    Dream Project - UW
    Global Visionaries
    City of Seattle
    Seattle Parks and Recreation
    First Robotics
    PNW Regional Council of Carpenters
    South Seattle College
    Group Health
    Public Health- Seattle and King County
    Young Shakespeare
    Seattle Tilth
    WWAHEC- Western Washington Area Health Education Center
    UW Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering
    Cleveland High School PTSA/Booster Club
    Cleveland High School Alumni Association