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    Cleveland STEM High School Comprehensive School Counseling Program

    Parent Guardian Corner

    Thank you for supporting your student/s in their academic journey. At Cleveland STEM High School, we offer a Comprehensive School Counseling Program and work actively to support students. Be assured that we are bound by the Code of Ethics of the American School Counselors' Association. Confidentiality is protected to the extent allowed by law and school policy. We help students with academic, career, social, and emotional well­being.

    American School Counseling Association National Standards

    Academic Development
    Students will acquire the attitudes, knowledge and skills contributing to effective learning in school.

    Career Development
    Students will acquire the skills to investigate and make informed career decisions.

    Personal/Social Development
    Students will acquire the attitudes, knowledge and interpersonal skills to help them understand and respect self and others.

    What is the Role of a School Counselor?

    At Cleveland STEM High School, we provide real world preparation for real world success in personalized, relevant and rigorous small learning communities. We strive to support all students academically, socially, emotionally, and with college and career choices. We do this by being available to meet with student to discuss graduation requirements, course selection, post-graduation plans, personal goals, and whatever else is important in your student's life. We also work with students to overcome barriers in learning. We practice collaboration with staff members in order to support and advocate on behalf of our students.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I can change my schedule? 
    Students can fill out a schedule change request form in the first ten days of a semester. After the first 10 days, students will receive a "W" for withdraw on their transcript for any dropped class.

    Where can I get a transcript?
    You can request a transcript from our Registrar, Ms. Tagupa.

    How can I find out about scholarships?
    Scholarship bulletins offered in the Counseling Center and the Career Center.

    Student Services

    Classroom Lessons:
    Curriculum involves Academic Achievement, Career and College Exploration.

    Individual Counseling:
    Personal, social and academic counseling is available during the school clay. Sessions are kept confidential except when students disclose that they are being hurt, are hurting someone else, or want to hurt themselves. Students can also be referred to outside agencies who come into Cleveland for mental health counseling.

    Parent Consultation:
    Counselors are available by appointment to assist parental guardians with concerns regarding their student.

    Student Consultation:
    All students receive consultation regarding graduation requirements and post-secondary planning.

    Teacher Staffing:
    If you are concerned about your student's progress, counselors can work with parental guardians to coordinate a meeting where all of your student's teachers are invited to gather and discuss your student's learning goals.

    Resources @ Cleveland

    Freshman Academic Intervention Specialist
    ­Logan Reichert

    Freshman Truancy Specialist­
    Francesca Castaneda-Barajas

    Freshman Case Manager
    Chev Gary

    College Success Foundation
    Dawn Cunanan 

    Academic Intervention Specialist/Testing Coordinator
    Khaleelah Rahsaan

    School Nurse
    Sue Porter

    Health Program Assistant
    Pam Lyons

    Mental Health Counselor
    Sara Maupin

    Cleveland Administration:

    George Breland

    Assistant Principal for SOLS
    Catherine Brown 

    Assistant Principal for SOED
    Ray Morales