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    Seattle Public Schools
    School Profile 2019-2020

    Cleveland STEM High School Mission Statement

    To provide real world preparation for real world success in personalized, relevant and rigorous small learning communities.

    School Information

    5511 15th Ave. S
    Seattle, WA 98108
    Principal: George L Breland
    Four-year Public Option STEM High School
    Grades 9—12, semester, block schedule
    SAT/ACT/CEEB High School Code: 481055

    Counseling Office Contact Information

    Fax: 206-252-7998
    Avery Kamau, School of Biomedical Life Sciences
    Phone: 206-252-7811
    Claire Abe, School of Engineering and Design
    Phone: 206-252-7874
    Napsiyah Sallee, 9th grade Counselor
    Phone: 206-252-7812

    Grading and Class Rank

    September 2010 the Seattle Public Schools (SPS) implemented an 11-Point Grading Scale (A: 93- 100%; A-: 90-92%; B+: 87-89%; B: 83-86%; B-: 80- 82%; C+: 77-70%; C-: 70-72%; D+: 67-69%; D: 60- 66%; E: below 60%). Prior to September 2010, GPA was computed on a 4-Point Grading Scale (A: 90-100%; B: 80-89%; C: 70-79%; D: 60-69%; E: below 60%). For grades issued after September 2010, the SPS began computing a weighted class rank, awarding an additional grade point for Advanced Placement and Running Start (after 9/11) courses, and an additional .50 for Honors courses.

    School Community

    Cleveland STEM High School is an option school, which means any interested student in grades 9-12 can apply. Starting with the 2011-2012 school year, 9th, 10th, and 11th graders have been part of our Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) program, with a focus on project-based learning and 1:1 technology.

    Project-Based Learning

    All courses are taught using project or problem-based approaches, in a high technology learning environment in which students apply their knowledge and skills in ways that have personal significance. Local and regional partnerships with industry, higher education, and community-based organizations provide an array of learning opportunities. Students develop leadership, thinking, & collaboration skills, self-management and other 21st Century skills through service learning & project-based learning, which prepare them for a successful transition to further education, future careers, and adult life.

    Cleveland STEM High School STEM Pathways:

    School of Biomedical Life Sciences (SOLS), focuses on the life sciences, including biology, human body, as well as global health.
    School of Engineering & Design (SOED), focuses on the physical sciences and technology. This academy features a computer science program and a pre-engineering program that will expose students to leading edge technologies.

    Local Programs Offering High School Credit

    One World Now—World language classes that offer high school credit during the school year and summer with a Pass or No Credit grade.
    Running Start—Juniors and seniors take college classes at local colleges and earn high school and college credit simultaneously with a letter grade.
    SPS Skills Center—Delivers advanced career and technical education for high school juniors and seniors. Courses offer high school credit with a letter grade, industry recognized certification, and advanced learning.
    Upward Bound—Summer classes at University of Washington for high school credit with a letter grade.
    Math Science Upward Bound—STEM Summer classes at University of Washington for high school credit with a letter grade.
    World Language Credit Testing—Students earn world language credits based on competency of the language tested. Students can earn up to 4 credits with a P for passing instead of a letter grade.
    SPS Summer School for Credit Retrieval—Students who need credit retrieval can take two courses in the summer for LA, Math, or Social Studies and earn up to 1.0 credit with a letter grade.

    Pass/No Credit (P/N) Grades on Transcript

    • Courses taken out of the country
    • Courses taken online out of the school district
    • World language credits from competency test or One World Now program
    • Credit retrieval from passing a state assessment in ELA, Math, or Science

    Demographics: 2019-2020

    # Students: 917; # Teachers: 55
    Average class size: 30
    54% Male
    46% Female
    0.3% American Indian/Alaskan Native
    23% Black/African American
    8% Latinx
    48% Asian
    0.2% Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander
    9% White
    12% Two or More Races
    58.3% Free/Reduced Lunch
    8% English Language Learners
    10% Special Education

    College/Career Readiness: 2018-2019

    Graduates prepared for a 4-year college: 94%
    Graduates enrolling in higher education within 1 year: 77%
    Students taking college admissions tests (SAT/ACT): 93%
    Graduates taking a college-level course during HS: 61%
    Enrolled into a 4-year college: 53%
    Enrolled into a 2-year college: 35%
    Other: 13%

    Graduation Requirements (Class of 2020): 21 Credits

    American Government 0.5 CR
    Fine Arts 1 CR
    Health 0.5 CR
    Language Arts 4 CR
    Mathematics 3 CR
    Career Technical Education 1.5 CR
    Physical Education 1.5 CR
    Science 2 CR
    US History CR
    World History 1.5 CR
    Electives 4.5 CR

    • Service Learning, 60 hours
    • Pass the state standards in ELA and Math
    • High School and Beyond Plan
    • Washington State History

    Honors Courses


    World History 1H & 2H
    World History 3H, & 4H
    US History 11 AH & BH
    American Government H & Ethnic Studies H

    Language Arts:

    Into to Lit & Composition 9 AH & BH
    World Lit & Composition 10 AH & BH
    American Lit & Composition 11 AH & BH
    Comparative Lit & Composition 12 AH & BH


    Algebra 1 AH & BH
    Geometry AH & BH
    Algebra 2 AH & BH
    Pre-Calculus AH & BH


    Physics AH & Chemistry AH
    Biology AH & BH
    Chemistry BH & Physics BH

    Advanced Placement Courses


    AP Statistics 1, 2
    AP Calculus 1, 2

    Career Technical Education (CTE):

    AP Computer Science Principles 1, 2
    AP Computer Science A1, A2


    AP Chemistry 1, 2
    AP Physics 1, 2
    AP Environmental Science 1, 2
    AP Biology 1, 2

    College in the High School Courses


    Biology 100, University of Washington

    STEM Pathway Courses

    School of Biomedical Life Sciences:

    Physiology A & B
    Biomedical Science 1, 2
    Applied Molecular Biology AH & BH

    School of Engineering:

    Intro to Engineering Design 1, 2
    Intro to Computer Programing
    Principles of Engineering 1, 2
    AP Computer Science Principles 1, 2
    AP Computer Science A1, A2