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School Profile

Cleveland STEM High School School Profile

Seattle Public Schools – School Profile 2019-2020

Cleveland STEM High School Mission Statement

To provide real world preparation for real world success in personalized, relevant and rigorous small learning communities.

School Information

5511 15th Ave. S
Seattle, WA 98108

Principal: Catherine Brown

  • Four-year, Public Option STEM High School
  • Grades 9-12
  • semester, block schedule
  • SAT/ACT/CEEB High School Code: 481055

Counseling Office Contact Information

Fax: 206-252-7998

Claire Abe
Head School Counselor
10th-12th grade
School of Engineering and Design (SOED)

Chloe Kimiai
School Counselor
10th-12th grade
School of Life Sciences (SOLS)

Trisa Ibarra
9th grade
12th grade students in full-time Running Start

Grading and Class Rank

September 2010 the Seattle Public Schools (SPS) implemented an 11-Point Grading Scale

Ebelow 60%

Prior to September 2010, GPA was computed on a 4-Point Grading Scale (A: 90-100%; B: 80-89%; C: 70-79%; D: 60-69%; E: below 60%).

For grades issued after September 2010, the SPS began computing a weighted class rank, awarding an additional grade point for Advanced Placement and Running Start (after 9/11) courses, and an additional .50 for Honors courses.

School Community

Cleveland STEM High School is an option school, which means any interested student in grades 9-12 can apply.

Starting with the 2011-12 school year, 9th, 10th, and 11th graders have been part of our Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) program, with a focus on project-based learning and 1:1 technology.

Project-Based Learning

All courses are taught using project or problem-based approaches, in a high technology learning environment in which students apply their knowledge and skills in ways that have personal significance.

Local and regional partnerships with industry, higher education, and community-based organizations provide an array of learning opportunities. Students develop leadership, thinking, and collaboration skills, self-management and other 21st Century skills through service learning & project-based learning, which prepare them for a successful transition to further education, future careers, and adult life.

Cleveland STEM High School STEM Pathways

  • School of Biomedical Life Sciences (SOLS), focuses on the life sciences, including biology, human body, as well as global health.
  • School of Engineering & Design (SOED), focuses on the physical sciences and technology. This academy features a computer science program and a pre-engineering program that will expose students to leading edge technologies.

Local Programs Offering High School Credit

  • One World Now—World language classes that offer high school credit during the school year and summer with a Pass or No Credit grade.
  • Running Start—Juniors and seniors take college classes at local colleges and earn high school and college credit simultaneously with a letter grade.
  • SPS Skills Center—Delivers advanced career and technical education for high school juniors and seniors. Courses offer high school credit with a letter grade, industry recognized certification, and advanced learning.
  • Upward Bound—Summer classes at University of Washington for high school credit with a letter grade.
  • Math Science Upward Bound—STEM Summer classes at University of Washington for high school credit with a letter grade.
  • World Language Credit Testing—Students earn world language credits based on competency of the language tested. Students can earn up to 4 credits with a P for passing instead of a letter grade.
  • SPS Summer School for Credit Retrieval—Students who need credit retrieval can take two courses in the summer for LA, Math, or Social Studies and earn up to 1.0 credit with a letter grade.

Pass/No Credit (P/N) Grades on Transcript

  • Courses taken out of the country
  • Courses taken online out of the school district
  • World language credits from competency test or One World Now program
  • Credit retrieval from passing a state assessment in ELA, Math, or Science

Demographics: 2019-2020

  • # Students: 917; # Teachers: 55
  • Average class size: 30
  • 54% Male
  • 46% Female
  • 0.3% American Indian/Alaskan Native
  • 23% Black/African American
  • 8% Latinx
  • 48% Asian
  • 0.2% Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander
  • 9% White
  • 12% Two or More Races
  • 58.3% Free/Reduced Lunch
  • 8% English Language Learners
  • 10% Special Education

College/Career Readiness: 2018-2019

  • Graduates prepared for a 4-year college: 94%
  • Graduates enrolling in higher education within 1 year: 77%
  • Students taking college admissions tests (SAT/ACT): 93%
  • Graduates taking a college-level course during HS: 61%
  • Enrolled into a 4-year college: 53%
  • Enrolled into a 2-year college: 35%
  • Other: 13%

Graduation Requirements (Class of 2020): 21 Credits

American Government 0.5 CR
Fine Arts 1 CR
Health 0.5 CR
Language Arts 4 CR
Mathematics 3 CR
Career Technical Education 1.5 CR
Physical Education 1.5 CR
Science 2 CR
US History CR
World History 1.5 CR
Electives 4.5 CR

  • Service Learning, 60 hours
  • Pass the state standards in ELA and Math
  • High School and Beyond Plan
  • Washington State History

Honors Courses


  • World History 1H & 2H
  • World History 3H, & 4H
  • US History 11 AH & BH
  • American Government H & Ethnic Studies H

Language Arts

  • Into to Lit & Composition 9 AH & BH
  • World Lit & Composition 10 AH & BH
  • American Lit & Composition 11 AH & BH
  • Comparative Lit & Composition 12 AH & BH


  • Algebra 1 AH & BH
  • Geometry AH & BH
  • Algebra 2 AH & BH
  • Pre-Calculus AH & BH


  • Physics AH & Chemistry AH
  • Biology AH & BH
  • Chemistry BH & Physics BH

Advanced Placement Courses


  • AP Statistics 1, 2
  • AP Calculus 1, 2

Career Technical Education (CTE)

  • AP Computer Science Principles 1, 2
  • AP Computer Science A1, A2


  • AP Chemistry 1, 2
  • AP Physics 1, 2
  • AP Environmental Science 1, 2
  • AP Biology 1, 2

College in the High School Courses


  • Biology 100, University of Washington

STEM Pathway Courses

School of Biomedical Life Sciences

  • Physiology A & B
  • Biomedical Science 1, 2
  • Applied Molecular Biology AH & BH

School of Engineering

  • Intro to Engineering Design 1, 2
  • Intro to Computer Programing
  • Principles of Engineering 1, 2
  • AP Computer Science Principles 1, 2
  • AP Computer Science A1, A2