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    An Update on COVID-19 (coronavirus)
    Posted on 03/09/2020
    Students sanitize their computers and keyboards with disinfectant wipes.

    For up-to-date information and additional resources, including how to stay healthy, visit the district’s coronavirus disease 2019 news announcement.

    The spread of the novel coronavirus has raised a number of concerns and questions, leaving many of us with a feeling of uncertainty and unease. No communication can fully address these concerns, but we know that school leaders sharing information, at the very least, helps us all to stay connected to shared knowledge. Over the past week, we’ve been letting our district’s updates speak for Cleveland—they were more comprehensive than anything we could provide. Tonight we want to share some information that is general, and some that is specific to our campus. 

    • We appreciate the extra cleaning work that our custodial staff is doing to disinfect frequently touched surfaces, and the staff who are encouraging students to wash hands and hand sanitize. All bathrooms are open to students, and frequent hand washing is encouraged.
    • Students and staff are encouraged to stay home if they are sick.
    • We also know that many families, understandably, remain concerned about the spread of the virus, and would prefer that their students stay home to avoid a chance of exposure. Our district has allowed us to excuse these absences, which means students are eligible to make up work missed.Please call or email our attendance specialist, Ms. Lynda Hoang, 206.252.7804,, to excuse your student’s absence.
    • As you know from a previous email from Mr. Breland, there was a disturbing hoax earlier this week where false information was shared on social media, stating that there were confirmed cases of COVID-19 at Cleveland. Rumors and the spreading of them have potential to do serious harm—tying up our staff as we field communication about them, and potentially stigmatizing members of our school community. Thank you in advance for communicating responsibly during this time.
    • For Running Start students and their families: we are aware that our two largest Running Start campuses—South Seattle and Seattle Central—have moved to online classes only through the end of winter quarter. During this time, Running Start students should minimize their time on Cleveland campus, in order to follow public health guidelines. Running Start students are welcome to come to campus for the below reasons; otherwise we must ask them not to linger on campus:
      • To eat breakfast or lunch served by our cafeteria
      • If they have previously scheduled appointments with counselors
      • At the times they have a class at Cleveland.
      • Required club meetings or athletic practices

    We appreciate our strong, values-driven community, especially in difficult times. Please continue to stay alert for communications from SPS or Cleveland school leaders as we continue to respond to this dynamic situation.

    George Breland, Principal
    Catherine Brown, SoLS Assistant Principal
    Ray Morales, SoED Assistant Principal