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    Laptop Distribution Begins in Late September
    Posted on 09/01/2018

    All students are expected to bring a charged laptop with them to school each day — the school issues a laptop and charger to each student starting in late September. The laptops will be returned in June.

    • This year, laptops will begin to be distributed to students who have completed their paperwork on Thursday, September 20.
    • Insurance for the 18-19 year will cost $15 for all devices — this can be paid online at, or by logging in to the Source.
    • To receive a laptop, students must either pay for insurance or, if eligible for free and reduced lunch, sign a waiver.
    • New students to the school must also return a signed consent form acknowledging receipt of the laptop
    • Students are discouraged from bringing their own devices for several reasons, including:
      o The school can’t support, repair, or take responsibility for the safekeeping of a privately-owned device
      o Personal devices won’t have the same software as school-issued devices
      o Personal laptops won’t print to school printers
    • Insurance does NOT cover devices that are lost or misplaced.
    • Insurance DOES cover devices that are stolen, but ONLY if a police report is filed.
    • Insurance DOES cover accidents, such as drops and water damage.