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    Tools you need to navigate Cleveland's digital access
    Posted on 09/03/2020
    Students work together on a laptop

    Welcome to Cleveland STEM High School!

    We are so happy to have you as part of our learning community.

    This guide will support access to digital resources for CHS students and families, including: Student laptops, Student email, The Source, Echo and Microsoft Teams.

    * Please note - for communication and day to day coursework and grades, Cleveland STEM HS uses Echo NOT Schoology.  

    Link to district resources at the student and family portal:

    Student Username and Password for District Resources

    Sample Student Name: James William Smith  

    Student Username: 1jwsmith ('1,' first name initial, middle name initial, last name)

    Student Email: 

    Students who have similar names will have slight changes. Read more about alternate student usernames. 

    If you had numbers at the end of your username, "XYZ_gcwashington002."  your new username is: "1gcwashington2."

    Student Password: You set it! Your original password was your 8 digit birthday. Ie: 06171984

    If you forgot your current password but remember the previous password, you can reset it by visiting If you do not remember any previous passwords, or do not know your username - please ask your advisory teacher or email the school librarian (Mr. Logan @ for support. 

    Log on to a District Laptop and Student Email

    All students have access to a laptop they can check out from CHS. If your student laptop is not working please talk with a teacher or email questions to  Students will receive communications from teachers at their district emails.

    To log onto student laptops, students enter their SPS username. Example: 1jrsmith and password.

    Link to student email:  log in using Student Email and password

    Log on to The Source

    Families and students can view attendance, term grades, teacher contact information and many district forms/resources like Data Verification FormsSchoolPay, Assessment scores, Echo, Microsoft Teams.

    More info about The Source:

    Log on to Echo

    Student accounts are made automatically, families must request an account. 

    Welcome back! Students and families use Echo to see real time, daily, coursework and grades. Please note that Cleveland STEM HS uses Echo NOT Schoology for courses.  

    In Google Chrome, go to

    Returning Cleveland Students:

    • Username: Firstname.Lastname
    • Password: You set it! 

    If you forgot it, click on the 3 dots next to ‘login’ and click Forgot Password. If that doesn’t work fill out the form below.

    New Cleveland Students:

    • Username: SPS Username (Ex: 1jwsmith)          
    • Password: Student ID Number

    Family members with an account from past years:

    • Username: email
    • Password: eagles (or you changed it)

    If you forgot it, click on the 3 dots next to ‘login’ and click Forgot Password. Still not working? Fill out the form below.

    Request a family member accounts and/or get password reset help.

    Joining Microsoft Teams Meetings and Google Drive (Google docs, etc.)

    Courses will be taught through a combination of Echo, Microsoft Teams meetings and Google drive.

    TEAMS: It is preferred that students use their district laptop, Microsoft Teams is already installed and set up. If you are on your personal laptop or cell phone, first download the Microsoft Teams App and log in using your district email.

    Links to Meetings will be on your class Echo page. Click the link, open in Teams app, adjust mic & camera, Click Join!

    Google Drive Access for students:  log in using school email and password.