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    New 11/29/17 ! ​

    Open Enrollment for School Cho
    ice is February 5th thru the 16th for the 18-19 school year.Turn in a choice form to be part of the lottery for a school outside your attendance area. Forms will be available starting Feb. 5. For more information visit:


     Just Announced Cleveland STEM Open House Dates



    Counselors recently went into Senior Humanities classes to discuss one of the most important documents they will fill out this year (FINANCIAL AID). The Application opens October 1st 2017. Attached is the power point and documents we shared to students.

    Financial Aid, College Planning 17-18.pptx
    Financial Aid for College.pdf


    Cleveland: Thursday, October 26th  4pm-6pm                             (Fin Aid & College App) RM.1162
    Note: Additional events are being held throughout the community at neighboring districts, colleges, and libraries.  Visit for a list of all the events in South King County.




    Counseling Team Registration for the 2017-2018 School Year

    1.       Registration materials will be delivered to Humanities Teacher mailboxes on Monday, March 13th by 8:00AM, the materials include a student’s transcript, their registration form, and course catalogs

    2.        Students will take home their transcript and registration form to go over course selections and requirements with parent guardians, preferably 1 week before counselor’s visit

    3.       Students will then bring their completed registration forms to their assigned registration day as listed below

    4.       On their registration day in Humanities, each student will meet with their assigned counselor 1 on 1 to review and submit what is on their registration form into PowerScheduler

    5.        Counselors will keep the registration form as record of student’s preference


    Monday, March 20

    Class of 2020

    1. Gandy

    3. Prep

    5. Gandy

    7. Gandy


    March 21

    Class of 2020

    2. Nider

    4. Prep

    6. Nider

    8. Nider

    Wednesday, March 22

    Wassup Wednesday

    No Registration

    Thursday, March 23

    Class of 2019/20

    1. Shinn, 10

    3. Shinn, 9

    5. Shinn, 9

    7. Prep

    Friday, March 24

    Class of 2019

    2. Evans

    4. Evans

    6. Evans

    8. Prep

    Monday, March 27

    Anchor Day

    No Registration

    Tuesday, March 28

    Class of 2019

    1. Williams

    3. Williams

    5. Williams

    7. Prep

    Wednesday, March 29

    Class of 2018

    2. Prep

    4. Coughran

    6. Coughran

    8. Coughran

    Thursday, March 30

    Class of 2018

    1. Prep

    3. Churaisin

    5. Churaisin

    7. Churaisin


    Friday, March 31

    Counselors Meet with Running Start Class of 2018 Students